California Wildfires


Fuelled by dry winds, more than 500,000 acres have been burned in 18 wildfires that are spreading across Southern California. Since October 21, 2007, 1/2 million residents have been displaced in what now has been declared as a major emergency by President Bush.















The Humane Society of Canada and The Humane Society of the Americas are working around the clock to provide whatever assistance we can and have already committed $10,000 from its own Animal Disaster Relief Fund and is asking others to consider making a donation here or by calling toll free 1-800-641-KIND to help animal disaster relief and recovery efforts.


The Humane has also dispatched Executive Director, Michael O’Sullivan, who has worked in animal protection for more than 40 years and has experience working in disaster and war zones around the world, to San Diego to work with local organizations.


As wildfires become more contained efforts are shifting to focusing more on what can be done to help animals and their families whose homes were destroyed. Each one of these hard hit communities includes families who need help with their dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and small pets, horses and livestock. Orphaned and injured wildlife also need help.


One Santa Clarita man suffered severe burns when he went into a burning barn to save a dozen therapy horses at the Heads Up Therapy Ranch

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and the families affected by these wildfires.

For those who have lost someone in the fire, we invite you to include a special person or animal in our Book of Remembrance .

This is a special memorial we have established for people and animals and we encourage you to send us photos and write whatever you like about your favourite animals and your favourite animal lovers.














Important Emergency Items to Have on Hand


HSC First Aid Kit : This inexpensive kit was developed by numerous people experienced in animal care and rescue and is invaluable in emergency situations. It includes a 28-page first aid manual.

Animal Guardian Program : Animal Guardians is an initiative supporting our programs to protect pets, horses, farm animals and lab animals.

HSC Special Wallet Card: An important item that contains instructions as to who should be contacted to care for the animals should their human guardian not be able to do so personally.

HSC Disaster Relief Checklist : This card lists items that should be included in your pets' disaster relief kit as well as where the animals will be taken in the event of an emergency.

The Pet Recovery Team : Reunites lost pets with their families through a special network which includes giving each one of your pets an id tag bearing your pet's name and your contact telephone numbers. On the other side of the tag, is a unique serial number keyed to each one of your pets' information, complete with The Humane Society of Canada's toll free number, which works from anywhere in the world.

These items are available by contacting The Humane Society of Canada at 1-800-641-KIND (5463) or through the website at

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